Polar Bear? More Like Polar Brrr

The Polar Bear Dive (Resolution 5k) was a blast…and this is our first review. Hooray! In December, we decided to do a Polar Bear Plunge and decided on this one solely because the shirt is adorable. A word of advice, choosing your race based on the cuteness of their swag is the way to go! 😁

img_0965-1We woke up to ice on New Year’s Day; we were nervous we’d made a huge mistake. We have a tendency to sign up for races months in advance with no thought about seasonal weather changes…oops! But the sun was shining , and the volunteers were sweet…even while being yelled at by a super rude dude who was either still drunk from the night before, or extremely hungover. Kinda hope karma rewarded him with a monster headache.


At first, we thought there weren’t enough port a potties…which is a huge no no. But we never had to wait in line, so I guess they knew what they were doing. The course was pretty, and fun to run with a bunch of different terrain, although there were several bottlenecks, which is annoying. But it’s not like we were going to PR anyway, so it wasn’t a deal breaker. Running into the lake was part of the race so there wasn’t a chance to chicken out, don’t worry, there was time for a selfie…


Overall, we had a blast. This race was well organized, the volunteers were nice and helpful, the course was fun, parking wasn’t a problem, and remember the shirt?! The most difficult part of our day was the walk back to our vehicle, soaking wet in 32 degree weather. Once we cranked the heat and stopped the uncontrollable shivering all was good! We’re totally doing this race again next year.


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