Lace Up Those Shoes, It’s Time to Go Streaking

I saw a thing on runnersworldmag about a run streak from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day. This seemed like a no brainer because we ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving…so we had a head start, obviously. I sent Annie a text and we were off and running; literally. (Please note: For this entry Lydia’s thoughts are regular font and Annie’s are italicized. Good luck!) img_1357.jpg

As these things go for us, a week in to our six week streak, I get a text from Annie…


In our little world it’s perfectly logical to commit for a year after trying something for one week.

We just finished week eight of our run streak and want to share our observations.


The first thing, I’ve noticed is a change in mind set. Because I know I’m going to run every day, there’s no chance of talking myself out of it. As runners, we’ve all had those days when we intended to run but it was cold, or hot, or the couch was just too comfy, and we’ve skipped the run and called it a “rest” day. The motivation to continue the streak, has made this so much less likely.

Now, right about here, I have a slight confession to make. I didn’t in fact complete our run streak from Thanksgiving to New Years. Around week 2 I got THE WORST stomach flu I’ve ever had in my life. I missed one day which kind of led into missing a few more…oops! 😁 However, the new year has started and I’m back on track. 5 days in and I’m still going strong, yay!

Calendars, Calendars, Calendars

We’ve been using a visual calendar from and it is amazing!


It is way gratifying to take a sharpie and cross off a day. ✖️✖️

On this one, I’m in complete and total agreement. I LOVE crossing off each day, so much so that I’ve been known to come back to cross it off again later. I’m finding that this is a really simple and quick way to hold myself accountable (which is not exactly my strong suit).

The other calendar I’ve been using is an app cleverly called “Running Log”. I like this because I can enter my run right away, so I don’t forget. Also, it calculates miles and pace for the week, month, and year…which means no math for me!

img_1364 On days that have miles logged, the app turns the day red. Can we talk about how gratifying it is to see an entirely red month?!

Hmm, yeah, I don’t have the app. While I’m loving the looks of it, I just haven’t been motivated enough to load the darn thing…I’m nothing if not dedicated. 😁

You’re probably thinking, “two calendars seems like a bit much, but I get the visual appeal of the annual calendar and the app calculates miles for you, so I guess I get it.”

…we also have a training log.


I print off pictures from our runs and races and tape them inside. At the end of the year it’s like a scrapbook, and who doesn’t love that?!

So at the end of the year Lydia’s journal looks amazing! It’s an awesome keepsake of all the hard work she’s put in on her journey. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Mine pales a bit in comparison. Although I do it, I’m more sporadic in my entries and miss a lot of the meaningful details (think pictures). Still, I really like being able to look back and track my progress relatively in depth. Overall I’d say I use my hanging visual calendar for my day to day accountability and my journal to give myself a bigger picture at the end of the year.

Bragging Rights

That’s basically it. We’ve discovered, if you run a bunch of days in a row, you get to brag.

This is my favorite part. People’s faces as they ponder my sanity. It never gets old!


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