Bucket List? Nope…Run-it List!

We love to run races. We like (almost) everything about it: training, planning what ridiculous outfit we’re going to wear, the anticipation/nausea at the start line, the finisher’s medal, free T-shirt, the bananas, the “after” selfie, and the bragging rights. We like it all…aching recovery aside.


A topic always under discussion for us is that of races we want to run in the future. Anything is on the table, from possible, to ludicrous, to downright insane. Here we’re sharing a few of the recents to make our list. Remember, no judging. 😁

The Tenacious Ten
Up first is a race that is well within the realm of possibility. This is a pretty local race, that we could totally do-except we’re running the Everett Half two weeks before. Two races a month is difficult to talk our husbands into, let alone ourselves!

The Tenacious Ten is a 10 mile run and 10k around Seattle. The course description says:

Join Oiselle and the Snohomish Running Company for the second annual Tenacious Ten! Both the 10k and 10 mile distances will start and finish at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA, and enjoy views of Lake Union, the Space Needle, and the Seattle skyline.

Sounds pretty fun, right?! It gets better. They have the best swag ever. You get a super cute tank, a trucker hat, and a COWBELL! Come on!! How rad is that?

We are hoping to do this one next year…with swag like this it really should be a priority.

The Snohomish Running Company does such a good job at their races with personalized bibs, fun freebies, and a low entry fee (all things that speak to us). We know this one will not disappoint.

The Dopey Challenge

Next up is a race that, if it ever comes to fruition, will be a ways down the road. It looks like amazing fun attached to a not so amazing price tag…we need some time to save up! 😁

According  to runDisney: “Over the weekend, 6,397* runners gathered in Walt Disney World to take on the Dopey Challenge–a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon on consecutive days. (They were joined by thousands of other runners who “only” ran one or two or three of the races.)”

The medals are so big, flashy, blingy, and pretty. Also, at the end of the weekend, we would’ve earned SIX of them apiece!! That’s right, one for every race and challenge. We’ve also heard you get to run “behind the scenes” and meet tons of characters along the way.

The biggest problem with the Dopey Challenge is the cost. The cost to run all four races is around $500. That’s strictly the race entry fee, it doesn’t include park entry, food, travel, and any souvenirs our little hearts might desire.


The Pink Elephant on Parade says she spent over $3000. She didn’t skimp on anything and she included stuff she bought at the expo but it’s still pretty expensive. In other words, when our winning lottery tickets pull through, this is going to be the first thing we do!

Barkley Marathon

This race takes the last spot on our list for a reason…it will NEVER happen. But it’s still fun to think about! If you haven’t watched the documentary, stop everything and do it now.

Here’s a little preview Barkley Marathon: The Race that Eats it’s Young


Now, let’s step away from reality for a second and assume we someday got accepted to this race. We would die. Legitimately die. Either we’d die lost in the wilderness, eaten by a bear, or just from the anxiety leading up to the actual event.

The race has been happening for almost 30 years. In that time there have been 16 finishers…that’s right!! It’s over 100 miles of brush, hills, and nasty terrain. Not to mention, you have to know how to read a map…we can barely use gps.

The people that run this thing are truly hard core. By the end they’re bruised, bleeding, and delirious from exhaustion. Considering we don’t manage well with a single blister, this seems like it may be a bit much for us. We know…that’s a huge surprise.

So there you have it, a bucket list of races. Now we just need a bucket list of recovery days!!




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