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At the beginning of the year, we bust out our calendars and our phones (for googling purposes) and plan our races. As we were looking over 2018 we had an epiphany…we should “bless” our readers with details about these races! So, for better or worse, here’s a little bit about three different kinds of races we will be attempting. We’ve tried to include why we’re running them, what we’re looking forward to, and what we’re dreading. Especially what we’re dreading!


Everett Half Marathon

There are two reasons we decided to run the Everett Half. We know it’s going to be well organized and fun to run. The Snohomish Running Company knows how to put on a good race. The courses are always well mapped out with plenty of water stops and tons of volunteers. The second reason we’re running this race is the reason we choose most races, the shirt. But this is even better than just another cute T-shirt…ladies and gentleman, this is a hoodie!img_1458

See what we mean?? So cute. We know how to set the bar high.

Lake Meridian Triathlon

We’re so excited about this one!!! We competed in the Lake Meridian Triathlon  last summer. It was our first triathlon and the most fun ever. For starters, we didn’t get lost or die! That’s worthy of applause right there. Also, in a triathlon we had no idea that you can swim right over people. So fun…and kinda mean.


One aspect of a triathlon we enjoy is the fact that we get to do so much cross training. It really cuts down on aches and pains when we’re not doing the same cardio day in and day out. Anyways, back to the event itself, the volunteers were amazing (think feather boas and dancing along the course), and there was a huge pancake breakfast at the end which we shamelessly gorged on. Love it, looking forward to it, can’t wait for it!

Full Tough Mudder 

We did the half Tough Mudder last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lasting shoulder injury aside, this was definitely one of our favorite events! It’s all about teamwork, which was a little foreign to us. We never, ever, ever run races together so being by each other’s side for 5 miles of obstacles was a new experience. What we learned was, we loved it! Everyone involved in the race was so helpful, right down to letting us climb up their bodies as a ladder. Talk about getting to know a person quickly!

For 2018 we’ve decided that we’re capable of the full 10 mile course. We can’t wait to see what happens when we hit our first obstacle full of ice or electric wires.  17777901-D0C3-47CE-AEC1-A16E1EA6FF11.gif

We’re kinda figuring our “teamwork” will dissolve into a puddle of dog eat dog. Time will tell!

We love to have races to look forward and train for. We’re excited to attempt to PR at some races we’ve done in the past, and test out some new ones… we’ll let you know how it goes.


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