Will You Be My Galentine?

When looking for a race to run in February, we stumbled our way across My Better Half Marathon and thought it looked like a winner. We know Orca Running always puts on an awesome race but this was exceptional.

First of all, the bibs are the cutest ever. This was a “couples” run, which meant nothing other than adorable swag. There were different categories to choose from: lovers, besties, bromance…

We chose besties, obviously. The best part came when we realized we were able to personalize the bib with a name. After a brief discussion, approximately 5 seconds long, we opted for names of one of our favorite couples (see the pic below). If you don’t get it, we suggest you sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch the movie Stepbrothers. If you do get it…yes…we think we’re funny. 😁

See?!! Cutest bibs ever.

The course was beyond beautiful. We ran around Lake Washington at Seward Park. It was a gorgeous day and the mountains were on full display. There was one killer hill but in Seattle, that’s to be expected.

The course description said the 10k was a 5k loop run twice, which is usually miserable. And when the majority of the first mile was a huge hill, we were beginning to regret our decision. Come to find out, the second loop was different from the first loop (we almost kissed the poor girl that was directing runners to bypass the hill). Aside from the initial elevation, it was mostly flat and beautiful. The sun was shining, and the lake was breathtaking.

The water stop was in a huge white tent (aptly named “The Tunnel of Love”) with decorations, music, and chocolate…ohhh chocolate!!! Running that part of the loop twice was just fine with us. Naturally, we ran away from the tunnel with our hands, pockets and pants stuffed with chocolate.


After the run, the fun kept on coming. There was an oatmeal bar, chocolate milk, and tons of other snacks. And this race also had a photo booth with plenty of props to make fools of ourselves with!

As you can see, we’re not “good” at photo booths but still cute and hilarious. To top it all off, the pictures from the photo booth fit inside the medal…which is probably our favorite ever.

To sum up, this race was super organized. There were plenty of bathrooms, gear check was easy, registration was smooth, and the food was delicious. We had a blast at this race and plan to run it again….now to decide if next time we’re signing up as besties, bromance, or lovers. 😂😁

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