Monthly Update: It’s time to get March-ing!

A detail we’ve stumbled upon that helps us stay motivated, determined and, let’s face it, entertained is having goals. We have lots of goals. Big ones, small ones, and just the right size ones!! We’ve told you about some of our long term, as well as some of our dream goals, but this post focuses on our monthly goals. Ah yes, the boring, monthly grind! What we strive for in a month is typically focused around whatever races or competitions we have coming up. For March, that means we have three overall goals…now the trick is to actually do them.


#1 – Run long. Run far. Then nap.

The most important piece of our routine this month is the long run (Boo). We’re running the Everett Half Marathon on April 8th. As we build up to it, our weekends will be booked with long runs, ESPECIALLY in March. It can be challenging to stay motivated during this last leg of training. Not helping is the fact that our weather is horrible right now, and we are total wusses. There are a few things we’ve found to make it a bit more likely that we’ll actually run.

The first is the most important – have a friend to go with…obvy. In case you can’t tell, we kind of swear by this one. If we didn’t, neither of us would ever make it out of bed.

If you don’t have anyone crazy enough to spend their Saturday running double digit miles through the snow and/or rain, it also helps to schedule long runs. Seems like if it’s on the calendar, it’s harder to skip.

Lastly, tell people about it! If you’ve already bragged up your long run for the weekend your gonna feel a lot more pressure to complete it (or maybe that’s just us🤔).


#2 – 10k test race

We ran the My Better Half 10k in February and are set to run the Shamrock & Roll 10k in March. Our main goal is to provide continued long run motivation. If we’re signed up for a longer race it forces us to continue with longer runs.

A couple other side goals are to: (A) beat our times from our last 10k (B) get Annie to dress in an insanely ridiculous costume because she hates it!!

There are a few things that we’re doing that will (hopefully) help us be faster this month than last. The first is running long, which is convenient because we were already doing that. Yay.

Something else that will build speed (we use the word “speed” loosely) is running intervals, fartleks, and tempo runs. All effective and all exhausting!!!


All about Marathon Training has a good description of tempo running…yes, its as bad as it sounds. But makes a huge difference. Another article that can be helpful is 6 Tips to Make You a Faster Runner . The truth to getting faster is, unfortunately for us, more running. Run fast. Run slow. Run long. Run short. Just run…

#3 – More weights, More gains, More fast!

With long runs, speed work, races plus things like jobs, kids, naps, chocolate, and responsibilities, it’s hard to fit in time for lifting weights. However, it’s extremely important and can make a huge difference in running and recovery time. When it comes to weights, we are sporadic at best. The few times we’ve become semi regular at them we’ve definitely noticed an improvement in our running. Something we learned, don’t do them right before a hard running workout…oops!

It seems like running would be effective enough to build the muscles in the legs. However, when we have weak muscles it can cause bad posture that can lead to injuries…which is horrible. Having a strong core and tight booty, will help strong breathing, and correct hip alignment, and a bunch of other good stuff. The article Essential Strength Training for Runners by Fit Bottom Girls, (how great is that name), gives all kinds of good information about the benefits of lifting.


There it is. Our HIGH hopes and slightly unrealistic dreams for the month of March. Hopefully, you’re motivated and excited to get out there and run…but not too fast.

Also, we’re doing an Ab and Squat Challenge beginning March 1st. You should do it with us! Let us know if you’re in! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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7 thoughts on “Monthly Update: It’s time to get March-ing!

    1. Thanks Mandy! We definitely enjoy laughing at ourselves and (of course) writing about it.

  1. I’m in awe! The closest I come to running is the downhill stretches on my walk. I’ll look forward to seeing how things go with your marathon and I’ll cheer you from the web.

    1. Ohmygosh, thanks so much for the support! Fingers crossed we don’t end up crawling across the finish line. 🙂

  2. Love your blog. You gals are awesome. Are you, or have you, run Bridge of the Gods? Running Lushes will be running that one for the first time in August.

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