Ab and Squat Challenge…Shrink That Tummy and Grow That Bummy

Welcome to those of you who decided to take us up on our ab and squat challenge for the month!  If you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about wander over to our March Monthly Update blog post and scroll to the bottom…it’ll catch you up.  So this post is going to be updated (hopefully) each day this month.  The idea is that we’re going to share our immediate thoughts and reactions (or whining and complaints) each day as we progress through March.  Lydia is in italics, Annie is regular font.  Just hoping we survive it!


March 1

Here it is…our first day in and what do I have to say about it?  Ouch!!! My butt is not my strong point and squats are always the first thing to point it out.  Here’s hoping for a beautiful, bubbly rear end by the end of the month (or maybe just something not resembling a pancake)!!

Day 1. Done and done We’ve been using weights at the gym for several months now, including weighted squats. I’ve been wanting to focus more on form and going lower so this challenge is perfect.

As for the sit-up, yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to try out a new ab workout with a medicine ball…I’m regretting it this morning…It hurts to cough. And laughing is out of the question.

Stay Tuned for March 2nd!…

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