Ab and Squat Challenge – Day 7…I Can’t Feel My Legs

Welcome to those of you who decided to take us up on our ab and squat challenge for the month!  If you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about wander over to our March Monthly Update blog post and scroll to the bottom…it’ll catch you up.  So we’re adding a new post about it (hopefully) each day this month.  The idea is that we’re going to share our immediate thoughts and reactions (or whining and complaints) each day as we progress through March.  Lydia is in italics, Annie is regular font.  Just hoping we survive it!


March 7

In two days, I get to rest.  Which is good, because I’m going to need to regain the feeling in my legs after these last two squat sessions. On the bright side (yup, there’s a bright side) my abs are feeling good.  When I say good, I mean they feel worked.  I’ve done ab work for such a long time that it’s usually pretty hard for me to get them to feel tired…but I’ve been feeling it the last couple of days.  Curious to see how they’re doing after tomorrow.  Maybe, out of nowhere, my six pack will suddenly be revealed!  A girl can dream right?

Oh good golly, 55 is a lot of stinking squats!!! My legs were on fire and it seems like I will forever be sore. However, I swum laps today and sat in the hot tub, which felt amazing. As far as my abs go, I did the challenge sit-ups and crunches and then attempted to do a plank…that did not go well. (Nearly face planted) I feel stronger overall, even if my abs are comfortable being insulated and enjoy staying warm and out of sight.

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2 thoughts on “Ab and Squat Challenge – Day 7…I Can’t Feel My Legs

  1. Happened upon your site yesterday because I like anything about running. And I looked at this challenge today with curiosity. I started day 1–so far so good, LOL. Although I am a seasoned runner, I don’t often do any serious ab training and my weight training is fairly easy on the legs because I am always tight/sore/recovering from something (and being 40 might have something to do with it), etc. Good job on the 55 squats!!!! I don’t think I have ever in my life done 55 squats. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you found our site. Looking forward to hearing how your day 2 goes!! 🙂

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