Ab and Squat Challenge – Day 8…Tomorrow Is REST DAY!!!

Welcome to those of you who decided to take us up on our ab and squat challenge for the month!  If you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about wander over to our March Monthly Update blog post and scroll to the bottom…it’ll catch you up.  So we’re adding a new post about it (hopefully) each day this month.  The idea is that we’re going to share our immediate thoughts and reactions (or whining and complaints) each day as we progress through March.  Lydia is in italics, Annie is regular font.  Just hoping we survive it!


March 8

Tomorrow is rest day, tomorrow is rest day.  Okay, I’ve very clearly got a problem when it comes to the whole mental game.  Each day only increases by 5 squats, but to me it feels like sooo many more.  I think I’ve got myself so psyched out that I’m making it into a bigger thing than it actually is.  On the bright side, tomorrow is a chance to rest up…yay!  Abs are feeling good, worked but good.  Butt is feeling like it’s on fire…it still doesn’t look like anything to write home about but hey, there’s still time.  No post tomorrow because we’re (obviously) going to be napping, icing, rolling, compressing, and anything else our little brains can think of to recover!!

Day 8…cannot wait for tomorrow! Sixty squats was a real and literal pain in the 🍑. Not even joking. For sure had to dig deep to get through those babies. As for the sit-ups today was the first day I really started to feel them. Definitely wanted to stop. But I had a great view of a ninja turtle riding a tracker…img_2300

Which was strangely motivating. Made me remember why I want to be healthy and set a good example for all these tiny humans watching and all that. Also, it was hilarious. To sum up today, I’m mostly excited for tomorrow…rest day. 🙌😬😊

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