Day 11 – Running and Squatting…Not the Best Combo

Welcome to those of you who decided to take us up on our ab and squat challenge for the month!  If you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about wander over to our March Monthly Update blog post and scroll to the bottom…it’ll catch you up.  So we’re adding a new post about it (hopefully) each day this month.  The idea is that we’re going to share our immediate thoughts and reactions (or whining and complaints) each day as we progress through March.  Lydia is in italics, Annie is regular font.  Just hoping we survive it!


March 11

65 squats right after running 8 miles…well…I’ve had better ideas.  The legs weren’t overly thrilled and decided to mutiny on me part of the way through squatting.  I finished by giving myself little breaks every 5 squats or so.  I’m curious to see how tomorrow goes though.  I kind of think, if I hadn’t just come off a run, I would’ve been feeling pretty good for 65 squats.  Abs are feeling good. The 6 pack is still feeling shy and hiding, but I know it’s there! Overall, feeling pretty good…now time to go ice.

Well hello 40 sit-ups! I felt those babies today for sure. Until now, the squats were the challenging part of the challenge but today I was definitely wishing I could stop at 25 sit-ups. I made it though and it felt good. The squats were a hilarious adventure due to my long run yesterday and my irritated hamstring! I was trying to make my squats really deep but I eased up at 40 to make sure I don’t actually hurt myself. I’m loving this challenge…we’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Running and Squatting…Not the Best Combo

  1. So happy for you on keeping up with this challenge and still running! I’m on Day 5; hoping the squats are really going to help power up some hills this spring!

    1. I’m hoping the same. Hills are always such a nightmare…squat power! 🙂

    1. Believe me, it was not the best idea I’ve ever had. I was seriously regretting it midway through.

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