Irish I Didn’t Have to Run!

St. Patrick’s Day, let the shenanigans ensue!! We ran the ShamRock & Roll 10k on Saturday which was both entertaining and exhausting at the same time. The volunteers were really nice, encouraging and plentiful. Also, Annie dressed up…which is obviously the best part. Granted, she refused to wear the leprechaun tutu Lydia brought for her, but her leggings most definitely made up for it. We love doing these little races because everyone is so positive and wants to have fun. Even when Lydia was passed by a guy pushing a stroller, she promptly informed him that there’s one at every race. He laughed…she didn’t.

When we first arrived we lined up to grab race packets and shirts.  The line was a mover and we were through in no time.  The shirts are cuter than we’ve seen in years past and also tech!  Although they ran a little small, we were thrilled.  We hit our prerace restroom stop and ran to the van to grab our gear.  It was kind of tricky to decide what to wear as it was cold, but the sun was shining.  Lydia opted to dress for the Sahara and Annie went for the Arctic.  Ultimately, Lydia made the smarter choice, by the first water stop Annie was dumping water on her head.

st pattys 4

The course took us around the Arlington Airport, in Arlington Washington, which is absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, so people had their personal airplanes out. It was really fun to watch them flying over us while we ran. A couple pilots even came over to cheer us on!! Annie seriously considered hitting them up for a flight but, alas, chickened out last minute. The course was very pretty as the sun and spring were out in force.  There was a nice balance of terrain. Pavement, woods, trails, and gravel were all accounted for…although the mile stretch of loose rock at the end was brutal!!  Comparing notes afterward we both had assumed that if a pine cone didn’t take one of us out, deep gravel would.  Amazingly enough, we both avoided a tumble this time around. It must’ve been the luck of the (not) Irish! Signage was great outside of one spot where the trail split off to the right and left.  Annie got to see one person head off in the wrong direction until some helpful runners redirected her.  Unfortunately Annie was not one of those people…she was too busy looking for the leprechaun that she was sure had stolen the arrow sign (not really, but that sounds better than being a total jerk right?). The only real complaint was that we had to stop for cars too many times. There were several points where volunteers were stopping runners for traffic.  Kinda messes with the old PR, but better than being pancaked!! We’re assuming there wasn’t anything they could do about it, but it’s very frustrating to have to stop and wait for cars…multiple times.

st. pattys 3

The finish line was festive, with a lot of people cheering.  We were promptly met with gold, green, and glittery medals. There were plenty of snacks, including bottles of Gatorade, and trail mix with m&ms. A race that includes chocolate in any capacity is automatically a good race.

All in all, we had a swell time.  Lydia ran a strong race, beating her 10k time from February, and Annie PR’d!! By the end of it we were both tired and skipped the beer in favor of a nap.  Gotta keep those priorities straight…chocolate, naps, then beer, just like the Irish do it!!st. pattys 1

We’d love to hear from you! Did you run a race on St. Patrick’s Day? Did you wear a hilarious costume? Have any amusing beer garden stories? Tell us about them!!


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    1. Yup! Our races usually walk a fine line between success and disaster…this was no exception!! 🙂

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