Day 26 & 28 – With a Rest Day in Between!

Welcome to those of you who decided to take us up on our ab and squat challenge for the month!  If you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about wander over to our March Monthly Update blog post and scroll to the bottom…it’ll catch you up.  So we’re adding a new post about it (hopefully) each day this month.  The idea is that we’re going to share our immediate thoughts and reactions (or whining and complaints) each day as we progress through March.  Lydia is in italics, Annie is regular font.  Just hoping we survive it!


March 26 – 28

Soooo many squats.  It’s good for me, I know, but come on!!! Alright it’s time to focus.  We have only two more days.  Two more days and it’s on to the next torturous, painful challenge.  I’m kind of terrified to know what it will be.  In the meantime, an update on my abs/ass situation: Hmm, well, they’re stronger.  Doing the exercises and doing them well has definitely become easier. They really appreciated the rest day yesterday. At this point I’m convinced that these areas on my body must just have a really great personality!!

Currently, I’m laying on the floor after finishing what seems like a million crunches, thinking that after all this work I should at least have one visible “ab”, if not a half dozen. But alas, they’ve not yet made an appearance. I have noticed a difference in my ability to compete the full sit-ups with much less difficulty, though, so there’s something happening! When we first stared this challenge I had to take breaks to get through the squats when we had to do more than 40 or 50, but today I did at 95 without slowing at all. Yay me! It’s very rewarding to improve, even if I’m the only one who can see it. We’re hoping to do another challenge, what are some that you’ve done in the past or are planning on doing? We need ideas!!!

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4 thoughts on “Day 26 & 28 – With a Rest Day in Between!

  1. You guys are tough! We can’t wait for the next challenge so that we can participate!

    We have some ideas for your next challenge, but can’t decide which is best. Christie was thinking that a push-up and plank challenge would be cool, but Catie was more in favor of a cookies and donuts challenge.

    Good luck with the last couple days of your challenge!!

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