The Favorite Things Club: Running Gear Edition

Welcome to The Favorite Things Club!! Every so often we get overly excited about some product or another and feel the need to share it with the world. For us, this meant we needed to start an imaginary club where we could gab about our latest finds. This edition is all about the gear we love to use before, during, and after our runs.  Some of these products were sent to us by companies to review, others were not (we’ve noted the ones that were). All of them we’ve found to be incredibly useful in some way or another…extra points if it’s both useful and tastes like chocolate. We haven’t found that product yet.

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Xtenex and Xpand Shoelaces

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know how much we hate to tie our shoes. Now, understandably, this takes your view of our laziness to a whole new level, and we’re okay with that, as long as we don’t have to tie our shoes. We found a couple of really great elastic laces.

The first ones we tried are Xtenex Laces.

Xtenex was nice enough to send us some pairs to try out, so we did, and loved them. These are super cute and really easy to use. They have bumps that keep the laces in place. We liked these because they don’t require any extra pieces to add to the ends of the laces. They can easily be moved to different shoes, which is something that is more difficult with laces that require cutting.

The other laces we tested are Xpand Laces.

Image by Xpand

Xpand also sent us some laces to try, which meant for a great side by side comparison! These look totally like normal laces minus the bow. The gray ones match Annie’s shoes perfectly (they have like 5 million colors to choose from). They have an anchor that’s used to keep the laces in place, and it was extremely easy to use. Also, with this style lace, a person can utilize the runner’s lace which Annie uses for more support when she runs.  Lydia put them in her Converse…beyond adorbs.

If you want to give these bad boys a try, use discount code CRAPT10 for 10% off the Xpand Laces! You won’t regret it!!


We both have been using FlipBelts for years and count on them as a staple in our running gear. This thing is the best belt for running, or activity really. It’s designed to hold any sized phone, multiple GU or other supplements, and even water bottles. It also has a key clip so you can be sure not to lose your keys while on your run…this is our biggest fear, for sure. The FlipBelt lays flat against the hips and doesn’t bunch up or even move at all! This is a definite must have for any run…or walk, or if you’re wearing yoga pants and need a place for your phone!

Get it here!! ((affiliate)) FlipBelt


Image by FlipBelt

Nike Impossibly Light Running Jacket

Image result for nike impossibly light jacket
Image by Nike

For those of you that haven’t discovered this little gem…look it up.  This is Annie’s go to jacket anytime the weather is a little iffy.  It’s light (ridiculously light, like don’t know it’s there light) but waterproof and also blocks the wind pretty well.  Also, it lasts!! Annie has had hers for three years and it’s still going strong. Another perk to this jacket is the pocket it has on the breast.  It’s just a simple pocket, but you can stuff the entire jacket inside it! Once the jacket is tucked inside, there’s an elastic that you can strap on your hand.  No more jackets tied around the waist? Now that’s just a good day for everybody!!

Get it here!! ((Affiliate)) Nike Jacket

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

Image by Little Viper

If anyone is running out among the wildlife, or down abandoned alleys in the middle of the night, it’s time to consider this little beauty.  The Little Viper is a bracelet that has 3-6 shots worth of pepper spray in it.  It’s super low profile and also adjustable to get the perfect fit.  Annie does a lot of running in bear/cougar/boogieman territory so she wears this one routinely.  While running, we obviously don’t won’t to be bogged down with a bunch of gear so this being a bracelet is kind of genius.  If we ever actually end up spraying something with it, we’ll be sure to let you all know how it went!!

Get it here!!! ((affiliate)) Little Viper

Energy Lab Apparel

Image result for energy lab apparel
Image by Energy Lab Apparel

After a run, one of the first things we do is change.  It feels good to get out of sweaty gear and into comfy clothes that (naturally) show off the fact that we are runners! We stumbled across Energy Lab Apparel on Twitter and immediately needed to get our hands on some of their gear. They have the cutest triathlon/running related clothing we’ve seen. We got in touch with the owners, husband and wife team Jordan and Lauren, who are super sweet and friendly!  They were kind enough to send us a couple different styles of their t-shirts to try out. We got the overlap Run T-shirt:

Image of RUN Overlap (Red)
Image by Energy Lab Apparel

And the women’s Swim, Bike, Run:

Image of Women's Swim Bike Run (Vintage Purple)
Image by Energy Lab Apparel

Not only do these guys make it fun to shop, but their T-shirts are adorable and unbelievably soft. We liked them so much, Lydia went back and got the Triathlete Hat:

Image of Triathlete Hat
Image by Energy Lab Apparel

Annie’s planning on ordering one as well…but procrastination occasionally gets the better of her.


Chocolate and Naps

Our last piece of gear is a necessity in any runner’s life.  Although it may be misconstrued to some as junk food and laziness…we’ve decided that it’s an essential.  For those times when we get home and are just wiped out or can’t get started in the first place.  Having a nap or piece of chocolate dangled in front of us like a carrot on a stick is a guarantee to get us out the door.  It’s not always a smart or practical way to go…but darn it if it isn’t delicious!!!

What pieces of running gear do you find you can’t live without? Anything good we should know about? Give us a shout, we want to know! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “The Favorite Things Club: Running Gear Edition

  1. I would add an Apple Watch so I can run, here my songs and track my performances, and slso my Plantronucs wireless phones, great sound, waterproof, long lasting batteries, great gear.
    I liked very much your flipbelt and will give it a try.
    Oh, and the chocolate and the nap! Maybe add some ice creams and kisses and hugs to my beloved wife…

    1. I use plantronics too! Picked them up for a deal at Costco and running has never been the same. 😊 As for the watch…I’m currently eyeing the newest Garmin, I think it’s the 645. It does sooo much I drool a little every time I read more about it.

      1. Totally get it. I’ve stuck with Garmin because I started with one and I’m scared to have to learn something new! 🙂

      2. I won’t say a smartwatch is better, it probably isn’t if you are specific running with it, but keep your mind open, mine helped me loose 16kg controlling my calories income for instance.

      3. That’s a really good point. Oh no…this means I’m going to have to have an open mind when I’m watch shopping. 😳😁

    1. We haven’t done tons of headlamp running to be honest. However, we’ve had good luck with the Foxelli USB rechargeable headlamp. It doesn’t jiggle, you can adjust the angle, and it’s over 100 hours of light per charge. Hope that helps!!

  2. I’m diggin’ the heck out of that jacket, it looks like a nice one! I’m keeping my eyes open for a new one especially since summer is coming to an end. Still trying to find a really small carrier or pouch to put my car keys in… the struggle!

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