Sarcastic Shirts Are Our Favorites

This post is a little out of our ordinary.  For those of you that haven’t yet visited our Instagram, Twitter, or Etsy page, we like making workout shirts.  Motivational shirts are great…

Sarcastic and/or complainy shirts are our favorite…

Currently, we are trying to decide on the next design for a shirt.  We have four that we’re contemplating:


If you bounce over to our Instagram, we have a fun little vote/competition going on. The winning shirt will be announced two weeks from now on April 18th. Anyone who has entered the drawing will get a chance to win the shirt. Best of luck and we can’t wait to see what the newest #crapt shirt is gonna be!!!


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  1. Thanks for the like Sarcastic shirts are wonderful. Competition may be over but how ’bout; ‘Start,/go hard/stop/ go home.’

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