Butt, Gut, and Leg Challenge – Day 1

There is something about a challenge that motivates us to move.  We had an absolute blast with the challenge we did in March, took some time to focus on our half marathons in April, and now are ready for another challenge in May! We looked long and hard for about two minutes for another challenge and landed on the one.  Here it is:


As you probably guessed, we found it on Pinterest and promptly screenshot it.  It looks like it tosses in a little more variety than our previous challenge and, of course, focuses on our problem areas…abs and asses.  Our plan is to update you guys at the end of each week on our progress and fill you in on all the painful, gory details.  We hope that you will join in as well.  Feel free to comment below, email, hit us up on insta, facebook, twitter, or just drop us a letter in the mailbox (kidding, we wouldn’t know what to do with real mail) to let us know how it’s going for you!!

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15 thoughts on “Butt, Gut, and Leg Challenge – Day 1

    1. Glad to hear it’s going “fun” :). For us…it’s going painful. It’s a good workout, that’s for sure!!

      1. Bahahaha! Glad to hear our humor translates to someone other than ourselves!!! 😂

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