Butt, Gut, and Leg Challenge – Week One…Check!!


Week one is in the bank!! Sorry we’re a little behind on our weekly update.  It seems that our technological incompetence finally caught up with us.  Oh well, onward and upward …or maybe just onward.

So before we go any further, a little background on selecting this particular challenge.  Last month, we had such positive results from the challenge we did, it seemed like a good idea to do another one. We both noticed stronger, more fit booties and our cores become much tighter and more firm…even if we’re the only ones who could tell. When we decided to start another challenge, we Pinterested one we liked…mostly we liked the title and didn’t read much further.  Always a great start right?

It turns out, maybe we should’ve read further than the title, this challenge is no joke! Squats and lunges everyday?! And don’t forget the wall sits…it’s only day 8! Thank goodness for rest days…but too bad it was yesterday.


All whining aside, these silly challenges push us further than we would choose to go. It’s exciting to see the changes that will inevitably come when doing a challenge this ridiculously difficult!

The other piece that adds a bit of chaos to this, we started training for our upcoming triathlon.  Because, hey, we can never focus on just one thing when five million would be so much better!!

We’re sincerely hoping all this leg strengthening will benefit that race as well.

How is everybody’s challenge going?  We know there’s several of you from our social media accounts that are joining in and we want to hear.  We’re not the only ones who get to whine and complain. 🙂

Until next week…here’s to rock hard abs and asses!!

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6 thoughts on “Butt, Gut, and Leg Challenge – Week One…Check!!

  1. I never get very far with challenges like these (yep, I read to the end!), & am currently suffering after a little exercise binge too. Keep going! Think how rock hard those abs & asses are going to be!

    1. That’s the goal!! Of course our “rock hard” is someone else’s “marshmallow fluff”. 😂

  2. I would like to do this challenge but squats and lunges kill my knees. Are there alternatives for these, or maybe I just shouldn’t bend my knees all the way when I do them? I’m inspired! I will be doing my first triathlon at the end of June (it’s a sprint version). Thanks for sharing!

    1. One thing we’ve learned is make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes. It can lead to knee strain and pain. Hope that helps!! 😊

    1. Yay!! Let us know how it’s going. We like to know other people are feeling our pain. 🙂

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