Butt, Gut & Leg Challenge Week 2

Um, wow and ouch. Let’s just start there. This challenge is, well challenging. For those of you who have stuck with it, we’re awesome. Can I get an “Amen”?

Bragging aside, we’ve been walking like Bambi due to sore muscles for over two weeks now. Lunges are really hard, and just guessing, but we’re probably not the only ones who don’t include them in our daily workouts. These past few weeks, there’s a noticeable change in which muscles are sore. The ones effected by the lunges are differently not used to all this strain.

We also need to complain about these stinkin’ wall sits. We’re barely half way through the month and we’re already at three minutes? You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s a long time. And everyday it goes up by 10 seconds!! Each day the thought sneaks in that there’s no way we could go a second longer, yet each day we do. Is it possible that we’re gaining muscle and strength due to hard work and consistency?

The only “real” complaint we have about this challenge is the “gut” part is pretty weak. The relatively few crunches just aren’t cutting it…literally. The horrible part about this is our next monthly challenge will have to include some ridiculously horrible/miserable ab work. 😒😭

We wanna hear from you!!! Have you been able to keep up with the challenge? Do you know of a “good” ab challenge for next month you’d like to inflict on us?

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4 thoughts on “Butt, Gut & Leg Challenge Week 2

  1. Ab work is my least favorite. I go to body pump class 3 times/week. The final part of the class is core work. I always fantasize about having to leave class early for “an appointment”, but somehow stick it out until the end.

  2. Oh man, I had a feeling those wall sits would be tough. Your quads must be on fire when you’re done!

    Keep it up, it’ll all be worth it.

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