Well, That Was Berry Nice

A few weeks ago we ran the Marysville Strawberry Fest 5k.  Those of you who are CRAPT runners (crappy runners are people too) will totally relate to our motivation for running this race. The reason was simply because we were pretty sure we’d be able to place in our age group.  That’s a hard one for either of us to pass up.


We signed up for this race a couple weeks before because Annie has placed several years in a row.

Now before you start to think that Annie is losing her ranking as one of the top crappiest runners ever because of her multiple ribbons from this race; understand there are less than 100 people that go participate in the “race”…and a high percentage walk.  In our minds, that’s 5k gold!!

Knowing all of this only motivated us to want to run it. The draw of the possibility of getting a cheap ribbon is a strong one.

Because the event is so small everything was short and sweet.  We got there a little early for packet pick up, slapped our bibs on, and were ready to go.  The course although not at all scenic (unless you consider running around a casino scenic), is very flat and well signed.  Even though it’s tiny, there was still plenty of food to be had at the end…yay!

We both crossed the finish line and were pleased with our times. As we were waiting for the awards to be given out, we realized they changed the age grouping from five year increments to ten.  In our little world, this was devastating. Our chances to place were cut in at least half. (Cue sad trombone.)

However, all the other 30 to 39 years olds (yes, we know it’s hard to believe we’re that old 🙂 ) were crappier runners than us…oh yeah, except one. Annie took home 2nd and Lydia placed 3rd. The motivation and self esteem boost a silly ribbon provides is pretty extreme.

All in all we had a blast. The volunteers were very sweet and well organized. The course was flat and fun to run.  Now if we’re lucky, next year the person who beat us won’t show up and we’ll slide into first and second!!img_3869

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8 thoughts on “Well, That Was Berry Nice

  1. Haha that is such a good idea! I should find a small race where people mainly walk as I fear I will never place in a race!

  2. I won my age group with a 25:00 time – after stopping to tie my shoes – on one 5k. Hint: avoid small 5ks organized by running clubs, and go for the 5k run/walks.

  3. How funny….. im glad ye got 2nd and 3rd place. Running has taken over here. Its hard to win a medal. But i get ye. And i plan to do just this next year. 5kms with as few runners as poss. That’ll be my only way to win one. Lol

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