Our Husbands Got the Runs…

Funny story, we were having dinner with a group of our friends, chatting about running and how much we hate it. Somehow, as the evening progressed, we managed to convince our husbands, our friends, and their husbands to run the Craft Classic with us. Our powers of persuasion impress even ourselves (or maybe it was the powers of a beer run). This turned out to be an epic event, never to be matched…until the day we convince the guys to do a mud run.

The decision to run this race was made several months in advance.  Each of the guys took this opportunity to train in their own specific way.  One opted for the very occasional treadmill session culminating in a 1.5 mile run/walk the week before our race.  Another trained by running from the parking lot to work each morning (approximately a 3 minute dash).  And then there was possibly the most successful training plan, do nothing, drink beer, and see what happens.

The true spirit of this race began when Matt, Lydia’s husband, made shirts for everyone that read “I’ve made a HUGE mistake”.

We rode down to the race in Matt and Lydia’s camper van, which is as fabulous as it sounds. Something about everyone being crowded on a bed in the back of a van really got us in the race mindset.  When we arrived, everyone was revved to run (more like “dreading the run”, but I digress).

The Camper Van

Once there, everyone enjoyed some time in the potties.  There were plenty of them, thank goodness!! One of our group had already picked up our packets which meant we literally just had to pin on bibs and go.


For all the guys, this was the first time they’d run a race, or run at all.  They all finished and not one of them died…Not.A.Single.One. Some of our favorite quotes of theirs from after the race:

  • “I was worried about explosive diarrhea. I’ve heard it happens.”
  • “I panicked when I realized my wife was right behind me.”
  • “My nipples got chaffed.”

As we finished we were each promptly met with a medal that is shaped like a giant bottle cap and doubles as a fridge magnet/bottle opener.  Practical!!  Also, big thumbs up on the t-shirts/tanks this year.  They’re so cute that we’ve both made them a part of our regular everyday wardrobe.

After the race there were plenty of post race snacks.  Our favorites were the GU Stroopwaffles.  Both of us have difficulty slurping down gels sometimes so waffles are a great alternative.  Suffice to say, we may have loaded up…a lot…like too much…oops!!

This race was a great one for beginners as well as for regulars.  It was nice and flat with a couple super gentle rollers.  There was nice change of scenery the whole way and the course was a fast out and back.  Everyone in our group agreed that this was a race to do again (assuming we catch the guys in another moment of weakness.)

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9 thoughts on “Our Husbands Got the Runs…

  1. Haha, I like your irreverent style! A craft beer run sounds great. Craft beer is a rapidly growing phenomenon in the UK, but i haven’t seen it linked with running yet. We have a Bacchus half-marathon that has frequent stops for wine, but i haven’t tried that one yet.

    1. Definitely fun! We’ve gotta convince the husbands to do another one!!! 😂

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