Polar Bear Dive 2.0

Last year we decided it would be fun to run a 5k and then jump into a very cold body of water. And you know what? We were correct! It was an absolute blast. So much so that we were able to talk/harass a couple of our closest friends into joining us this year. Our powers of persuasion blow even our own little minds at times.


We knew this wasn’t going to be a PR kind of race, given the ice cold swim and all, so we decided that the four of us would take it easy and run the “race” together. This was the best decision we’d made in 2019…all 9 hours of it!! We had such a great time chatting, jogging, and dreading our all-too-quick-coming dip into Lake Washington.

This race is set up so the course is a 5k around a beautiful park in downtown Seattle. At about mile 2.9 the course veers down a boat launch and into the lake. There are tables set up for anything that you don’t want soaked. After dumping off our valuables, the four of us held hands (yes, you read that correctly) and ran into the coldest water on Earth. The wonderful thing about this part of the event is there are people on the piers pressuring the participates to dunk their heads…which takes an insane amount of will power. On second thought, our definition of “wonderful” might be slightly off. After we’d all caved to the pressure and, of course, taken a selfie, we once again held hands and ran across the finish line. The hand holding thing was big this year.


After we picked up our bags from gear check, changed our clothes in the port a potties or heated tent, (one option turned out to be better than the other…hint: heated tent) we were off to collect our swag and chili. Now you may be thinking, “Wow, what a fun race. Seems perfect. Nothing could have made for a better day.” And yes, it was a perfect day, but hold…you haven’t heard the best part! For some reason (angels maybe) there was an overabundance of flavored milk to give away. In fact, there was so much milk that they were giving it away by the box!  Now, we’re all moms with kids at home, we know the price of a bottle of strawberry milk.  Nothing was getting between us and those boxes! We each left with at least two boxes of milk (some of us may have sneaked a few more bottles in there backpack). Entry fee recouped! Now that’s a splendid day.


This race was such an experience. The volunteers were knowledgeable and nice. The course was beautiful and well marked. The chili was delicious. They have a heated tent for changing, which feels like heaven after a dip in the lake (just try not to stare at all the naked). There was plenty of parking and bathrooms…which is essential for a good race.  Best of all, after being on the fence right up to race day, our friends were actually glad they did it. As proof, we present you with this wonderfully sweet text we received when we were asking them permission for posting their pics on our blog.


They think they’re funny, but we take it as a decisively positive sign for Polar Plunge 2020.

We now consider this one an annual CRAPT tradition!!!


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4 thoughts on “Polar Bear Dive 2.0

  1. What a great idea. Take the plunge before finishing the race. Very nice. Definitely the start of a tradition. I hope they have too much flavored milk again next year. Awesome treat for the kiddos. BTW love your hashtag/acronym.

    1. We’re hoping for more milk too! It was an absolute highlight of the new year. In fact, I’m sure we’ve spent more time thinking about the milk than the race itself!! 😂

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