The Favorite Things Club: Training Gear Edition

Welcome to anther edition of The Favorite Things Club! We’ve stumbled on some pretty awesome stuff as we’ve been training for races, The Tough Mudder, and a couple triathlons. In fact, we have a triathlon coming up in April. We’re pretty excited about this tri because the swim is in a swimming pool! This means we don’t have to swim in a lake, but also means we have to learn how to flip turn…*sigh*. Training for a triathlon is extremely time consuming.  Sometimes it seem like all we do is train…at least we dress as if all we do is train!!  Scroll down to read about some of our training faves and how they’ve made their way into our fitness “regimen”.


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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The story behind our getting Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is strange and drawn out…as many of our stories tend to be. Annie has always been a fan of Garmin watches. Lydia preferred Fitbit (Annie’s partiality stems from the fact that she walks like a weirdo and Fitbits don’t count her steps). Lydia got the Fitbit Ionic last year for the Lake Meridian Triathlon we did in August and loved it. It’s a great watch for the beginner triathlete. However, Annie has been waiting and saving and dreaming of getting the new Garmin Forerunner 645 Music for about a year. She finally decided to get it and turns out it’s a total game changer. So much in fact, that Lydia caved and bought one too. We could go on for quite awhile about this watch…in fact, we’re going to! The amount of things this little watch can do is insane!! It can not only hold tons of music, but also has training programs that are tailored to your personal fitness level. We’re currently in week two of the Garmin Coach 5k Plan with Jeff Galloway. It also helps protect against over training by calculating how much rest time there should be between workouts.  It is highly customizable and you can customize the different exercises that appear on your watch. The watch is waterproof and has a surprisingly small profile compared to many of the smart watches on the market right now. There really are so many details to rave about, but take our word for it, just go get one.

Image from Garmin

Get it here 👉👉Garmin 645 Music

FlipBelt Crops: Mid Rise Athletic Leggings

So, at this point in our running “careers” we’re calling it, the people at FlipBelt are geniuses. We both have the original FlipBelt and love it. It’s awesome for any length of run. It’s big enough to hold the stupidly huge iPhone 8 Plus (which Lydia loves) but stays snug and doesn’t ride up or slide down. And now these wonderful people have connected this amazing belt to the softest leggings ever. These running pants are perfect. They’re lightweight and so comfortable. The waist band has all of the features that a typical FlipBelt has (think key clip and compartments for FlipBelt water bottles) with the added benefit of already being attached to your pants. We both agree that they won’t work well for some other workout activities, like yoga, because the belt would be a little over the top. However, for long runs, they have become our go to.  It’s awkwardly awesome how many times we show up for runs in matching FlipBelt pants now.

Image from FlipBelt

Get them here 👉👉FlipBelt Crops

Vibram: Five Fingers Women’s V-Run

I (Lydia) have been having some annoying back issues, especially while running. I convinced myself that I don’t need to do anything like see a doctor or a chiropractor (too logical and expensive) instead, I could probably fix it by myself. I started googling what could have caused the problem and stumbled on barefoot running. After falling down an internet rabbit hole, I emerged convinced that this would heal me. My sweet husband bought me a pair of Vibram V-Run for Christmas. They were the wrong size so we ordered another pair and gave those ones to Annie (lucky her). These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I know this was the thing a decade ago, but I don’t even care. These shoes are awesome.

Get them here 👉👉Vibram V-Run

Thus concludes another addition of The Favorite Things Club.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our favvies and maybe even try one or two!! Let us know if you have any tried and true gear that you swear by during training season.  We’re always on the lookout for new stuff to try on and fail at!!


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  1. Tri’s do take a lot of time and gear. I loved the few that I did, but I love simplicity more, so I just stick to running now. No foggy goggles or flat tires to worry about! Good reviews, by the way.

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