My Better Half Marathon…Unless You’re Us and Choose the 5k Option

img_7198Last year, we ran the 10k distance for the My Better Half Marathon and had a wonderfully valentiney time.  We felt that it brought us closer together having matching “bestie” bibs and medals with our photo in them.  Yes, we’re shameless suckers for that stuff.  It seemed like a no brainer that, of course, we’d run it again this year. However, there were several things working against us. If you’re not from around the greater Seattle area, you probably missed the fact that it snowed here…like 4 or 5 inches. 😱 Now to those of you who live in places that get actual snow, please feel free to mock us. But this snow literally shut down the entire region. There was no school, stores were closed, events cancelled, and people stockpiled enough food for the next decade.

In an effort to sidestep the craze that was created by the snowfall (lovingly referred to as Snowmaggedon, or Snowpacalypse), the race was moved from February 10th to February 17th. This  was fine by us because along with Snowpacalypse, Lydia got the worst cold ever. Chest congestion, sore throat, fevers, the whole thing. So when Orca Running sent out an email saying we could defer to next year we decided we’d do that instead of running on the 17th.

Lydia got right on it, and submitted for her deferral immediately. However, one of us wasn’t able to understand the rules of the deferral *cough Annie cough*. She misunderstood the Friday deadline as being literally any Friday…not a Friday before the actual race.  It doesn’t make sense now, but in her head it was crystal clear at the time.

After a verbal lashing and a guilt trip, we decided we’d compromise and both run the 5k this year.

Just like all Orca Running races, My Better Half was well organized…they really do think of everything. They had a heated tent to hang out in before and after the race, delicious oatmeal with all the toppings, and even a photo booth. Oh and The Tunnel Of Love, a tunnel full of goodies on the course.

Because of the weather conditions and more details that we’re clueless about because, well…it’s us, the course had to be changed. We weren’t able to run through Seward Park, which was a bummer but it turned out to be a beautiful and fun run anyway.  Anytime you’re running by a lake is bound to be a winner.

The weather was clear but very cold.  It made for some gorgeous scenery which helped the awfulness of running tick by that much quicker.  Lydia ended up running far faster than she was expecting after still being sick, and Annie got zero side stitches, something that normally destroys her (go to and type in CRAPT for a discount on what she used to avoid them)!!

We didn’t have high hopes for our times, but turned out we didn’t do so bad. Annie took 2nd in our age group and Lydia got 4th. Hooray for a small turn out! Seeing as we will never place again in a Seattle based race, and the only reason we did this time was because most people couldn’t get to it, we felt like Snowpacalypse finally made itself worthwhile.  Here’s hoping for more unacceptable weather conditioned races in the future!!!

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  1. We tend to do the same too in the DC area. Things shut down with a couple inches of snow, but over the years, technology/resources to clear snow improved and roads are cleared pretty fast even if it is a real Snowpacalypse!

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